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This is a list of characters in Red Dragon Inn 3:

Wizgille the Tinkerer[]

Wizgille is a renowned genius Artificer among the Gnomes, constantly tinkering and inventing new contraptions. The success of her creations, however, can be somewhat hit or miss.

Brewmaster Phrenk[]

Phrenk, a highly skilled Potionmaster from the troll villages, possesses a laid-back demeanor, though provoking his anger is ill-advised. His expertise extends to brewing healing potions and mixing drinks, making him a valuable presence in any group of adventurers.

Kaylin the Renegade (and her companion, Wulfric)[]

Kaylin's background is shrouded in mystery, with her companion, Wulfric, adding an additional layer of intrigue to her character. Her story unfolds in the midst of the series' adventures.

Serena the Pious[]

Serena, an Orc Paladin, defied her origins and embraced the path of a paladin, despite the Orcs who once destroyed her village, sparing her life as a baby. Her disciplined and loyal nature make her a skilled fighter and capable healer, yet her Orcish instincts remain ever-present beneath the surface, occasionally leading her astray.