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This is a list of characters in Red Dragon Inn 2:

Eve the Illusionist[]

Eve's appearance remains an enigma due to her expert use of illusions. Her illusionary powers have repeatedly rescued her fellow adventurers from gullible monsters in various precarious situations.

Fleck the Bard[]

Fleck, a charismatic half-elf, is always ready with a smile and a captivating song. His heroic tales and enchanting lute-playing uplift the spirits of his companions, instilling them with courage as they confront the perils of dark dungeons.

Dimli the Dwarf[]

Dimli has a fervor for gold, dwarven axes, and ale. His uncanny ability to squirrel away gold is unmatched, and he wields his dwarven axes with remarkable skill. However, his prowess with darts is far less impressive, leading to some comical situations.

Gog the Half-Ogre[]

Gog, a sizable and somewhat dimwitted half-ogre, compensates for his lack of intellect with his sincere efforts to be a good friend. Despite his kindness, his presence can be hazardous due to his smell and clumsy nature, especially when it comes to dancing.