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This is a list of characters in Red Dragon Inn:

Deirdre the Priestess[]

Deirdre is a devoted priestess who harnesses the power of the Goddess for protection, healing, and smiting evil denizens of deep dungeons. She's unyielding when it comes to those who underestimate her intelligence, although she won't shy away from leveraging her charm to achieve her goals.

Fiona the Volatile[]

Fiona, a spirited human warrior, shares a childhood friendship with Gerki. This fierce warrior maiden wields a variety of weapons with skill and ferocity, from swords to axes and daggers, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Gerki the Sneak[]

Gerki, a cunning halfling thief and Fiona's childhood friend, has a knack for accumulating gold and a talent for employing poisons, mechanisms, and the occasional backstab. He's proven his worth by saving his friends countless times, although his usefulness might be the only thing keeping him alive.

Zot the Wizard[]

Zot, an aspiring magic theory teacher at the Wizards' College, must contend with his unpredictable familiar, Pooky, a rather unhinged, binge-drinking bunny rabbit.