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Cascadito is a spinoff to Cascadero, designed for 1 to 4 players with a playing time of 30 to 45 minutes. Like Cascadero, it is intended for players aged 14 and above and designed by Reiner Knizia, featuring artwork by Ian O'Toole, and published by Bitewing Games. It is classified as an uncategorized game in the Renaissance category and incorporates mechanisms such as chaining connections, dice rolling, hexagon grid, and open drafting. Additionally, it falls under the family of upcoming releases, Kickstarter crowdfunding, and games with solitaire rules. Cascadito reimplements Cascadero.

In Cascadito, players confront bandits, navigate rivers, engage in trade, and more as they work to reunite the kingdom. The game provides a smaller and faster gaming experience compared to Cascadero. Players receive their own sheets and a pencil, and 6 dice are rolled. Players take turns drafting a die to fill in a space on their map. Each die represents a town type on the map, and players fill in spaces adjacent to matching colored towns.

By reaching towns with groups of filled-in spaces, players trigger town scoring in the book of successes on their sheet. Planning routes wisely can lead to cascading combos, competitive advantages, and the acquisition of public achievements and private bonuses.

The game ends when all public achievements are claimed or when one player gains all the private bonuses. Players tally their successes and achievements to determine the winner. Cascadito offers a unique and complementary experience to Cascadero with limited dice options, strategic drafting, and four unique sheets, each with different maps, tracks, achievements, strategies, landmarks, and bonuses. It also includes a solo mode for each sheet with standard and advanced difficulty levels.