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Cascadero is a strategy board game designed for 2 to 4 players with a playing time of approximately 45 minutes. It is intended for players aged 14 and above. The game, designed by Reiner Knizia and featuring artwork by Ian O'Toole, is published by Bitewing Games. Cascadero is classified as an uncategorized game in the Renaissance category and employs various game mechanisms, including chaining connections, hexagon grid, once-per-game abilities, tile placement, and track movement. It also falls under the family of upcoming releases and Kickstarter crowdfunding. This game is reimplemented by Cascadito.

In Cascadero, the kingdom is divided and in turmoil, and the ruler, El Cascadero, aims to reunite the land. Four ministers are appointed to visit the towns and restore harmony. Each minister has a dedicated responsibility: Farming, Crafting, Mining, or Markets. Players strategically place their envoys adjacent to towns, but these towns trust envoys only when they are part of established groups or carry an official seal from El Cascadero. Towns with Royal Messengers or a history of envoy visits are more valuable, as they collaborate more willingly.

Players must decide between two strategies: building long chains of envoys for synergies and objectives or establishing smaller, separate groups of envoys for timely town scoring. Both strategies earn victory points, but reaching the end of the appointed success column is crucial.

Triggering town scoring advances players along the town's matching success column, providing bonuses like victory points, progress on success columns, official seals, envoy repositioning, or extra turns. Players can create cascading combos of bonuses through careful timing and planning.

The game ends when a player reaches fifty victory points or must place a tile with none remaining. Players who complete their success column qualify for victory, and the player with the most victory points wins.