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Bambi is a children's roll\spin & move board game based on the Walt Disney film of the same name. It was published by Milton Bradley in 1992.

How to Play[]

"Bambi" is a simple 2 player race game with one player moving Bambi and the other moving Thumper. A spinner is used to determine a random color. Then a dial is turned clockwise to the same color spun revealing a picture in a window.

If Bambi or Thumper is revealed, the respective player moves one space. If they are running, two spaces are moved. If both characters are shown, the player that is behind moves their pawn to the space occupied by the leader. Shortcut spaces help speed the players along.

The winner of the game is the first player to "jump the log" and land on a win space. In the advanced game, the winner is the first player to collect 4 Clover Pieces, either by dialing one in the window or by landing on a clover space.

In this version, the players may have to circle the board several times before a winner is determined.