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Here is the setup for Azul:

  1. Distribute a player board (A) to each player. Turn your board to the side with the colored wall, unless you want to play with the gray side as described in the Variant Play section. Make sure all players use the same side.
  2. Take one scoring marker (B) and place it on the "0" space of your score track.
  3. Arrange the Factory displays (C) in a circular formation around the center of the table. The number of displays to use depends on the number of players: 5 displays for 2 players, 7 for 3 players, and 9 for 4 players.
  4. Fill the bag (D) with 100 tiles, 20 of each color (E).
  5. The person who has most recently been to Portugal will take the starting player marker (F), and then randomly draw 4 tiles from the bag to fill each Factory display. Any unused player boards, scoring markers, and Factory displays should be returned to the box.

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