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Apiary is a board game where hyper-intelligent bees venture into outer space for construction, exploration, and expansion. Designed by Connie Vogelmann and published by Stonemaier Games, this game accommodates 1 to 5 players with a playing time of 60 to 90 minutes. It is suitable for players aged 14 and above. The game features artwork by Kwanchai Moriya.


In a distant future where humanity has vanished, the humble honeybee has evolved into a highly advanced society known as Mellifera. These bees have mastered technology, including space travel, and they now inhabit the Earth. In Apiary, players take control of one of twenty unique factions, each starting with a hive, resources, and worker bees. The game combines worker placement, hive-building, and exploration as players compete to gather resources, develop technologies, and demonstrate their faction's strengths over a year. However, the impending Dearth forces players to make strategic decisions to thrive or merely survive.