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Animix is an animal themed strategy game and the objective of the game is to score the most points by keeping the right mix of animals. Animix is a set collection game with beautiful, modern illustrations. The animals you keep score points based on the other animals that are played in the center of the table. Each type of animal scores points differently, so plan ahead to make sure the cards you keep and the cards you play are the perfect mix to win the game!

Also called Animix Park, developed by Thierry Denoual & Brandan Parsons, Designer Mathieu Bossu & Artist Simon Douchy.


Species Points[]

  • Monkeys - 2 points for each Monkey card in the column with the most monkeys.
  • Elephants - 2 points for each Elephant card in the row with the most elephants.
  • Penguins - 2 points for each Penguin card that is part of the biggest group of orthogonally connected penguins (above, below, to the left or right). Touching diagonally does not count.
  • Lovebirds - 4 points for each pair of lovebirds. A pair of lovebirds is made when 2 Lovebird cards are touching adjacent sides. Each Lovebird card can only be part of one pair.
  • Wolves - 2 points for each Wolf card on the outside border of the grid. Pelicans 2 points for each Pelican card that is part of the biggest group of diagonally connected pelicans.
  • Chameleon - In the grid, look for the Chameleon card which has the most variety of different species orthogonally adjacent to it (including chameleons). Each species adjacent to this Chameleon card is worth 2 points.
  • Lion - Score a total of 11 points minus the number of lions in the grid. Watch out: there must be at least one lion in the grid for points to be scored.


  1. Depending on player count, select the corresponding amount of animal species as shown in the reference table below. All unused species are discarded back to the box. Shuffle together the chosen Animal cards (10 per species). Randomly place these cards face up in the centre of the table in a grid, respecting the number of columns and rows indicated in the reference table below.
  2. Deal out 6 of the remaining Animal cards to each player, face down (or 5 if you are playing with 6 players). Any remaining cards are discarded back to the box without being looked at. Do not reveal your hand to other players!
  3. Make a pile of all the Mountain tokens next to the play area. Players should keep a small free space in front of themselves. They will play their personal Animal cards here during the game.
Animix Setup

How to Play[]

Try to score the most points by playing the right mix of animal cards. The animals you play into your personal "pen" will score points based on how the other animals are grouped together in the center of the table. Either play an animal from your hand directly into your pen OR replace an animal from the center grid with one from your hand. Each type of animal scores points differently, so you will need to plan ahead!

The last player to have petted an animal starts. Players take turns in a clockwise direction. On your turn, you complete either action 1 or action 2:

  1. Choose an animal from the cards in your hand and place it face down in front of you. At any time, you can look at the cards that you have placed.
  2. Take an Animal card from the grid and place it face down in front of you. You must then choose an animal from the cards in your hand to place, face up, in the space left by the animal you just took. Place a Mountain token from the pile on top of the animal that you moved to the grid. This token locks the animal in so it can no longer be taken.

Note: Animals can be replaced by other animals of the same species.

End of the game[]

The game ends when all players have no cards left in their hands. All the cards which are face down in front of a player are flipped face up. For every species, the player with the largest number of animals in that species wins the corresponding points.

If several players have an equal number then they share the points between them, rounding down to the nearest whole number. The number of points won depends on the position of the animals in the grid at the end of the game. Each species earns points according to their own scoring method as described on the next page.

Each player adds the total number of points won according to the species they have the most of. The player with the highest score wins the game! In the case of a draw, players share the victory.

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