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Andromeda's Edge

Andromeda's Edge is a science fiction board game where players lead a faction trying to build a new civilization on the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy. The game is for 1 to 5 players with playing time of 40 to 200 minutes and is recommended for ages 14+.

The game features mechanisms such as area majority/influence, dice rolling, hand management, and worker placement. It is designed by Luke Laurie and Maximus Laurie and illustrated by Sergio Chaves, and published by Cardboard Alchemy and Lucky Duck Games.

The objective of the game is to advance on the progress tracks: Science, Industry, Commerce, Civilization and Supremacy, by gathering resources, claiming moons, building developments, and battling opponents. The game involves launching starships to collect resources or take actions and returning to your station to activate the engine and carry out actions. The player who advances the most on the progress tracks wins the game.