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Age of Innovation

Age of Innovation is a strategy board game released in 2023. The game accommodates 1-5 players and typically takes between 40 and 200 minutes to play. The recommended age for players is 14 and older. The game has a complexity rating of 4.27 out of 5.

In Age of Innovation, players engage in world-building by terraforming the game map to expand their faction's influence and create innovations. The game involves competitive play where factions compete to erect buildings and develop cities. The gameplay centers around strategy, utilizing hexagon grid movement, turn order mechanics, and variable player powers. The game offers a diverse range of factions with unique characteristics, allowing for varied strategies and experiences.

The game is designed by Helge Ostertag and features artwork by Álvaro Calvo Escudero and Lukas Siegmon. It is co-published by Capstone Games and Feuerland Spiele.